About Us

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our vistors and we invite you to browse through the many different styles and themes of wedding invitations we have to offer.

We have been in business since 2011, providing a means to find an affordable and stylish wedding invitations that is uniquely you.

Our Mission

And it is a mission. Is to serve you, by offering the best selection of wedding invitations and invitation accessories at ideal prices.

We do this in three ways:

  1. First, we offer you a wide selection of the best wedding invitations.
    • These invitations offer you an easy to customize base for your stationary to come to life on.
    • Modern and affordable printing process that give you a high-quality card at an excellent price.
  2. An easy to shop interface, that allows you to find the newest trends, the top offers, and the best fit for your wedding quickly and easily. It is fun to window shop, but once you have an idea of what you want it is also important to be able to find it quickly and with ease.
  3. Excellent prices. Let’s face it weddings are expensive. But that doesn’t mean that your wedding invitations have to be. We have put a large amount of time and energy in putting together a top selection of invitations that both look great but that are also affordable. What does that mean? Savings.

It is easy to find the fitting invitation when combine all of those great reasons.

A Commitment to Freshness

This years wedding trend isn’t last years. It is that understanding that drives us to continue updating and refreshing our assortment of wedding invitations and related wedding stationary. This ensures that you always have an updated and modern selection to choose from.

Because of this commitment we have been able to offer both a modern and elegant collection of invitations that has been popular since the site’s d├ębut in 2011. Since then we have been on the cutting edge of wedding trends and styles. Helping young couples craft a suite of stationary ideal for their individual style at prices they could afford. This commitment continues til this day.

Wedding Invitation Samples

Are you curious what all of this looks like? We have a number of popular pages that we could share with you, but as you may well know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

For that reason we’ve put together a collection of the ten most popular designs you’ll find on the site. These invitations cover a wide range of themes that give you an amazing idea of what you will find here on Wedding Invitations 123.