Learn How to Write a Wedding Invitation

We’re pleased to continue in our long tradition of providing quality wedding invitations for young couples starting their married life. But there is more to it than helping you find the “right” wedding invitation. We also want to provide you with useful and easy instructions on how to turn that one of a kind invitation into something you’ll cherish in your family album long after you have exchanged vows.

One aspect of making a good invite great is learning how to phrase it for the event. That means choosing the wording that will be read by all of your guests.

For those of you struggling with the task of wording your wedding invitation, we have a number of great options for you.

You can:

Or you can start from scratch. We have a number of options for writing non-traditional wedding invitations as well.

3 thoughts on “Learn How to Write a Wedding Invitation

  1. Thank you so much for this incredible resource. We found what we were looking for and it was less than we had planned to spend!

  2. You’re site is so helpful. I’ve used it a number of different times over the years to find the right wedding invitations. (For clients, not myself) Thank you so much!

  3. I love your blog, it’s a real success, very complete. Ahhh, when passion is there, everything seems to come together

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