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If you have visited the site before you will certainly notice the major renovation work that has taken place during the last couple of weeks. In fact we haven’t seen a change to the site this big since we it originally went live four years ago. In between there have been some major updates to the invitation selection, features and other options that make a wedding invitation special.

Today, we have officially rolled out the next iteration to the site. And we’re pleased to say that the site is now easier to use than ever before. This includes the best selection of wedding invitations you’ll online or off.

Here are a few of the features you’ll notice while browsing the website:

  • Improved navigation of the featured wedding invitations. Until today many of the wonderful invitations you found here competed for attention. This caused certain designs to go totally unnoticed. We’ve fixed that. Now you’ll see the most popular designs first, with additional filtering options to find those hidden gems.
  • Mobile optimized experiences across your range of devices. We have put a lot of emphasis into make your user experience as smooth as possible. This includes extensive testing of the site, optimizing it for a feature rich and satisfying shopping experience.
  • Discounts as high as 40%. Before it could be difficult seeing which offers were eligible to save 40% off your invitation order. That is no longer the case. All invitations are clearly marked with their eligible savings so you don’t have to hunt for the list.

Or web designers have worked tirelessly over the last months to ensure that the transition to the new website would be smooth and error free. We will continue to transition to the new platform over the course of the next few days, if you experience any difficulty using the website please inform us via our contact form. If you have have suggestions on how to improve the user experience further please do not hesitate to let us know. We would love to here your opinions.

Your, Wedding Invitations Staff

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